Waste Management at the Summer Village of Ghost Lake

If the item is not listed below and/or you have excessive amounts of debris, please dispose of it at the appropriate offsite landfill site or public recycle centre.  Please note that the Summer Village of Ghost Lake is no longer a partner at the Cochrane Eco Centre.

Burn Pile

Please place your trees and branches on the burn pile not in the garbage bins or in the compost pile.  No construction debris and definitely no nails or spikes (many of your neighbours that have volunteered to look after the Burn Pile have had to repair tires because of nails and spikes founds in the debris.)

Also, do not place ashes in the burn pile.  If not completely cooled, the ashes can cause an unexpected fire putting your home and your neighbour’s home at risk.

Be sure that all ashes have thoroughly cooled before you dispose of them. A suggestion is to place ashes in a lidded metal container to prevent a possible fire and provide a sturdy place to store them. Ashes make good fertilizer in gardens, flowerbeds, etc.

Garbage Bins

Disposing of garbage at the garbage bin site at Ghost Lake Village is restricted to only household garbage and only when placed into the garbage bins.    Do not leave any garbage along side the regular bins.  The contractors will not pick up those materials and your neighbours end up having to clean up after you!  Do not place recycle materials in the bins.

Compost Pile

When disposing of grass clippings or leaves, please place them on top of the existing compost pile instead of beside it to avoid making the compost area larger than needed.


There is a Recycle Bin located near the garbage bins in the Village.  Residents can place the following items in the Recycle Binif the bin is not already full.  If the bin is full please wait until the Waste company has tipped the bin and then return to the site to place your recycling in the bin.

Paper and Cardboard (please breakdown boxes to make room for more items)

  • Cardboard boxes (cereal boxes, pizza boxes, tissue boxes, paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes)
  • Catalogues and magazines
  • Newspapers and flyers,
  • paper;
  • envelopes/window envelopes;
  • greeting cards;
  • brochures
  • non-foil gift wrap;
  • paper bags
  • Shredded paper (in a tied transparent plastic bag)
  • Telephone books and paperback books
  • Soup and beverage cartons (for example: Tetra Pak® packages)

 Plastic jugs, bottles, packaging and food containers

  • Clean plastic jugs, bottles, packaging and food containers/lids with the recycling symbol 1-7 (cups, food containers or packaging made of foam cannot be recycled)
  • Plastic bags, plastic wrap, bubble wrap
  • Bundle all plastic bags, plastic wrap and bubble wrap into one plastic bag and tie closed.

Glass – bottles and jars

  • Must be bagged and tie closed

 The bin CANNOT accept wood, styrofoam, metal, organics or glass