Dock Committee – Sub Committee of Public Works

Dock-Subcommittee Activities:

  • Research and review dock space expansion, maintenance
  • Manage Dock Space Allocation Policy
    • monitor use of dock space
    • review dock space allocation applications, change requests


  1. The purpose of the Dock Committee will be to provide fair and equitable decisions relating to resident requests for dock space, mooring sites or relocation, while ensuring sound environmental awareness, conformity to rules and regulations, and continued visual acceptability; all within the context of an allocation process approved by Council;
  2. To develop options and recommendations for the long term provision of docking and mooring facilities, considering also the requirements for parking, access, environmental protection, capital and operating budget requirements;
  3. To review activities within the breakwater area; movement of boats, signs, speeds, etc. excluding the designated “beach” area; and
  4. To provide suggestions regarding dock safety and sighting, including mooring anchors and buoys to promote a safer environment for villagers.

Committee Membership:

  • John Walsh¬† ¬†Council Representative
  • Olav Cramer
  • Doug Stewart
  • Jeff Allan
  • Barrie Smith
  • Bruce Lindsay
  • Gary Stewart
  • Colin Donoghue

Committee Meeting Minutes

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