Any development on your lot requires a development permit.  If you are considering doing any work, please APPLY EARLY, as development applications require a number of documents and plans to be submitted, and appropriate notice periods. See Timelines below for further detail.

Once your development permit has been approved, you will need to get the necessary permits (building, gas, plumbing, electrical). All Building permits are available through agencies who provide inspection services on behalf of the Alberta Safety Codes Authority (ASCA). Click here to find out who the accredited agencies that are authorized to issues permits and provide compliance monitoring at the Summer Village of Ghost Lake are.

Development Permit Application

Note that this can be submitted electronically, if it is clear and to scale (no photos of drawings, please scan in or email original document)

Current Development Permits can be found here.

Security Deposit Agreement (in development)

Call Before You Dig: 1-800-242-3447 AlbertaOneCall

Development Officer Contact

The Summer Village of Ghost Lake’s Development Officer can be contacted as follows:

Rod Potrie

Planning Protocol Inc.

2922 – 3rd Ave NE

Calgary, AB T2A 6T7

Phone:      403.230.5522

Fax:           403.230.0335



For a standard development application, once all files and the application has been received, the permit will take approximately 3-4 weeks.

If a variance or discretionary use is requested, there will be an extra ~ 3-4 weeks for the permit.

Note: any changes requested, or missing documents will require additional time.

Once the permit is issued, there is a 21 day notice and appeal period before the permit comes into effect. 

All requests are processed in the order they are received.

Compliance Certificates

The need for a Real Property Report (RPR) and Compliance Certificate generally arises when buying or selling developed property.

An RPR is a site/plot plan drawn and/or certified by an Alberta Land Surveyor. The RPR gives lot dimensions, illustrates the dwelling’s location and accessory buildings relative to the property boundaries. The RPR also shows visible encroachments onto or from the property, right-of-ways and easements as noted on the Land Title on the date of survey. The RPR is a legal document that is considered an accurate representation of your property at a specified moment in time.

A Compliance Certificate is a signed acknowledgment by the Summer Village’s development officer that the principal building and accessory buildings meet or exceed the requirements of the Summer Village’s Land Use Bylaw.

Submit your request directly to the Development Officer. The pdf version of the RPR from the surveyor may be e-mailed; alternatively 2 original copies of the RPR can be mailed to the Development Officer; one signed copy will be returned with the compliance certificate.

The fee for a Compliance Certificate is $175.00

Road Permits

A permanent road ban is in effect within the corporate limits of the Summer Village for the entire calendar year. The road ban shall impose up to a seventy-five percent (75%) axle weight restriction.  A seasonal road ban is in place during spring breakup or any other time the road is at risk of damage.  The seasonal road ban shall be at 50% axle weight restriction.

Roadata Services Ltd. manages the permits for the Summer Village of Ghost Lake, and inputs the information into the Provincial Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System (TRAVIS).  To get a permit, please call: 1-888-830-7623.

Planning Documents

Fees & Forms

Development Permit – Accessory Building

(includes detached garage)

$570 plus deposit $600 Download Form
Development Permit – Residential Dwelling

(New or addition)

$990 plus deposit $2,000 Download Form
Demolition Permit $570 plus deposit $600 Download Form
Development Appeal $990
Development Permit Time Extension $105
Certificate of Compliance $175
Development Permit – Refund Request $105
Subdivision Application Contact Village Office
Land Use Bylaw Amendment $1,050 plus advertising costs
  • Permit Application Fees Payable to Planning Protocol
  • Deposits Payable to the Summer Village of Ghost Lake

Note:  Fees for all Development Permits issued AFTER the commencement of development shall be DOUBLE the rate outlined above.

Relationship Between Planning Documents

The hierarchy of documents within the Summer Village of Ghost Lake land use planning framework is established by the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The MGA requires that each level is consistent with the level above and below it, and that the policies or regulations within planning document(s) at each level may be implemented by those below them in the decision-making process. The MGA provides the legislative authority for municipal land use planning and decision-making, while the South Saskatchewan regional plan (or Land Use Policies in their absence) provides broad-based policy directions and principles for municipal land use planning, which are effected through statutory plans and bylaws.

The statutory plan provides future direction for the development and use of lands within the corporate boundaries of the Summer Village (MDP). The Land Use Bylaw regulates the use and development of land based on the policy directions of statutory plans. The Public Participation Policy contains requirements for public engagement outside statutory plans, the LUB and other planning documents that may be considered when making decisions on development permit and subdivision applications. Where there is a conflict or inconsistency between a higher-level planning document and a lower-level planning document, the higher-level planning document prevails to the extent of the conflict or inconsistency.