The Municipal Development Plan is currently being reviewed based on the comments received at the Public Hearing that was held on September 21, 2019.

Updates will be published as they become available.

FINAL Draft of the Summer Village of Ghost Lake MDP – March 23, 2020

Proposed Bylaw 238-19 Establish a Municipal Development Plan

Draft of the Summer Village of Ghost Lake Municipal Development Plan – August 2019   – Reviewed at the Public Hearing

Open House Feedback Summary

Draft Municipal Development Plan

2018 Municipal Development Plan Survey Results

Recent changes to the Municipal Government Act has made it mandatory for all municipalities to adopt a Municipal Development Plan.

The Municipal Development Plan must address:

  • the future land use within the Summer Village;
  • the manner of and the proposals of future development in the Summer Village
  • the coordination of land use, future growth patterns
  • transportation systems
  • municipal services and facilities

A Steering Committee has been established to assist with the process of developing the Municipal Development Plan.


Peter Attalla                                    Chair

Debby Brotzell                                Vice-Chair

Bob Miller

Ed Gnenz

Karen Laustsen

John Walsh                                   Council rep

Sherri Bureyko                              Administration rep