Fire Ban issued for the Summer Village of Ghost Lake.

In light of the province-wide fire ban, and to preserve emergency resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Summer Village of Ghost Lake , located in the  Calgary Forest Area (CFA) section of the Forest Protection Area (FPA) is also calling a fire ban, effective immediately.

All current permits are now suspended until further notice, and no new permits will be issued. 

Permitted Fires include:

  • Portable propane fire pits
  • Gas or propane stoves and barbecues designed for cooking
  • Wood fires in an enclosed facility or device, which have a chimney with a spark arrestor
  • Catalytic or infrared style heaters.

** All devices must be CSA approved and used as per manufacturer standards. An enclosed facility or device is one that is fully contained with a chimney that has a spark arrestor. Users are still responsible for care and attendance of all devices and should reduce their use during fire restrictions and bans. Approved activities or devices will not prevent potential prosecution or litigation if the user or device starts a wildfire.


  • All open fires on public and private land, including backyard firepits and campfires.
  • Barbeques that use charcoal briquettes
  • Turkey fryers and tiki torches
  • Fireworks and exploding targets

 This Fire Ban will remain in effect until such time the Fire Ban is lifted in the Alberta Forest Protection Area.

Full details on the Province of Alberta Forest Protection Area Fire Ban can be found using the following links:

April 15, 2020

Ways to Stay Up To Date

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