Planning & Development

 Development permits and subdivision applications are administered by Planning Protocol.
The Summer Village planning and development is regulated under the Ghost Lake Land Use Bylaw.
Development / PLANNING Applications Fees Forms
Development Permit – Accessory Building (includes detached garage) $570  plus deposit $600 Download Form
Development Permit – Reside Dwelling (New or addition) $990 plus deposit $2,000 Download Form
Demolition Permit $570 plus deposit $600 Download Form
Development Appeal $990
Development Permit Time Extension $105
Certificate of Compliance $105
Development Permit – Refund Request $105
Subdivision Application Contact Village Office
Land Use Bylaw Amendment $1,050 plus advertising costs

Permit Application Fees Payable to Planning Protocol      Deposits Payable to the Summer Village of Ghost Lake

Note:  Fees for all Development Permits issued AFTER the commencement of development shall be DOUBLE the rate outlined above.

Safety Code Permits (Building, Gas, Plumbing, Electrical, Private Sewage)

Safety Code permits are administered by Alberta Municipal Affairs.  Following are accredited agencies that are authorized to issues permits and provide compliance monitoring at the Summer Village of Ghost Lake.

Agency Name                                            Phone                                Fax                                Building    Electrical     Gas                    Plumbing
Canadian Safety Consulting    403-928-0903


1-888-780-7232      Y        N    N     N
Davis Inspection Services Ltd     403-275-3338


   403-275-9790     Y       Y   Y    Y
IDJ Inspections Ltd.     403-346-6533


   403-347-2533    Y      Y   Y   Y
Park Enterprises     403-329-3747




   Y      Y   Y   Y
Superior Safety Codes Inc. 1-888-717-2344 1-888-717-2340    Y      Y   Y   Y​
The Inspection Group Inc.     780-454-5048




   Y      Y   Y   Y

Administration & General

Tax Certificate Request $15 Download Form
School Support Download Form
Change of Contact Information Download Form
Application to serve on committee
Download Form
Delegation Appointment with Council
Download Form
Assessment Complaint $50
Emergency Phone Broadcast Changes
 Download Form